by : Sarfraz Uchil


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Published : on 10/21/19

Dodgeball, children’s game that requires a large, soft rubber ball, the size of a volleyball or beachball, and several players. Ten or more makes a good game.

Dodgeball has three basic forms: one team against another team; one player against all the other players; or every man for himself. A popular version is circle dodge: in one variation the players form a circle about 30 feet (9 m) in diameter and throw the ball, trying to hit a single player, or an equal number of players, within the circle. If a dodger within the circle is hit, he is out of the game; if the dodger manages to catch the ball, the thrower is out of the game and the dodger who caught the ball can try to hit a player on the outside circle. The game goes on until all the players but one have been hit. In the every-man-for-himself version, one player who is the thrower tries to hit the other players and any dodger who is hit is out of the game. A dodger who catches the ball thrown at him becomes the thrower. The last surviving player wins.

Dodgeball is similar to an ancient Greek game played with seashells, called ostrakinda. Court dodge was a similar game played in 16th-century England.