Sorro Wrestling

by : Sarfraz Uchil

Sorro Wrestling

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Published : on 10/24/19

Sorro Wrestling is a type of traditional wrestling that originated and is currently practiced only in Niger. The sport has no major scheduled competitions, and bouts are mostly conducted as part of major festivals and occasions.

Sorro wrestling is a standup style of wrestling in which all moves take place with both wrestlers on their feet. The objective of a bout is to force any part of the opponent's body, except the feet, on to the ground. Tripping and holding the opponents by their legs are allowed in sorro wrestling.

Matches are conducted in a fairly large circular field that has a loose desert sand surface. There are no boundaries that demarcate the field, but is instead surround by spectators that essentially act as boundary. There are no out-of-bounds rules or time limits. Fights continue till one emerges as the winner. There are no points for moves, like what is used in more common forms of wrestling. The only way a fight ends is by outright winning, in which one wrestler forces the other on to the ground.

Competitions are conducted in a round-robin format where each wrestler competes with several other wrestlers, and the one with the most number of wins is declared as the champion.